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in a world not planning on me...

I will find a place.

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Interests lacking commonality.

"agnostic atheistic free thinking"
agnostic : I am agnostic because I know it is impossible to prove or disprove the existence of god-like forces.
atheistic : I am atheistic because I personally believe that no god-like forces exist.
free thinking : I am free thinking because I do not believe the existence of such beings matters, as I do not follow others' beliefs simply because they are powerful.

Interests uncommon throughout livejournal.
frugivores (fruitarianism) : One who eats fruits, nuts, and seeds. The diet I desire to have also includes other foods that do not require the destruction of the organism or harmful planting or harvesting practices.
minimax : The strategy in game theory that minimizes the maximum risk for a player.
original position : In the original position, representatives of citizens are placed behind a veil of ignorance, depriving the representatives of information about the morally irrelevant characteristics of the citizens they represent. Thus, the representative parties would be unaware of the talents and abilities, ethnicity and gender, religion or belief system of the citizens they represent.

Words made for simplicity.
gardeganism : The practice of eating only food grown with a self sustaining garden grown by your household, community, or other local source which doesn't require polluting transportation of the food. They use artificial and/or human fertilizer, and no non-human animals are involved in any part of the process. Pesticides and other dangerous or polluting chemicals are not used, and the release of insect predators or other practices harmful to insects or other animals is not acceptable. This is most likely achieved through the use of carefully sealed greenhouses. Varied designs and adjustments of greenhouses would allow for foods from different regions to be grown locally.
mechanical supplementation (mechasup) : Assistance provided to socialism by computers and machines. If humans are not willing to do the job required by the people, such as farming, then computers and machines will assure that it is done as needed by the people. This is also useful to assure that nobody is forced to work or pay [taxes] for other people's services, as the machines work for free and can repair and build more of themselves.
physicalitism : A physically integrated system which functions above traditional governments and allows regional laws to be enforced by preventing them from physically happening, with no thought control. It allows the people to choose their region's government and laws. It also allows free, unrestricted travel to other regions, allowing them to travel to a region with laws they agree with. The exception to this is people who violate laws with the intent of fleeing, such as terrorists and spies. It also allows new regions to be created with laws they agree with. It assures everyone has a place, though they may be the only one there.
self-socialism : A combination of self-govermentation and socialism. People choose for themselves what is "harmful" to them, and others are prevented from doing that to them, but they are prevented from doing the same to others. People are assured equality, life, and liberty outside of violating other's personal harm principals.
acceptance, activism, adoption, agnostic atheistic free thinking, agnosticism, allergies, altruism, anarchism, anarchy, animal liberation, animal rights, anonymity, anti-bigotry, anti-capitalism, anti-dogma, anti-greed, anti-imperialism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-superficiality, anti-terrorism, artificial intelligence, atheism, c++, charity, children, compassion, compatibilism, copyleft, creativity, cybernetics, determinism, digital freedom, dumpster diving, education, egalitarianism, electrics, electronics, environmentalism, ethics, fairness, foster parents, free thinking, freedom, freeganism, frugivores, fruitarianism, gardeganism, gardening, gardens, gender neutrality, greenhouses, healthcare, homeless, homelessness, honesty, html, human liberation, human rights, hunger, idealism, imagination, intelligence, invisibility, iptscrae, japanese, javascript, languages, libertarian socialism, logical design, logicians, mechanical supplementation, mechasup, mediation, medicare, minimalism, minimax, morality, neutrality, non-violence, objectivism, open source, open-mindedness, organic, original position, originality, pacifism, peace, philosophy, physicalitism, physics, politics, preservation, programming, progression, protocols, public transit, questioning, questions, rea, recycle, recycling, reduce, reducing, respect, reuse, reusing, revolution, robot rights, science, scripting, scripting languages, secularism, self-government, self-improvement, self-sacrifice, self-socialism, self-sufficiency, selflessness, social security, socialism, solar power, the palace chat, the universe, theory, truth, unity, vegan, veganic, veganism, vegans, visual chat, welfare

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